About Us

Wear the Real

Our Brand.

Sports Keeper International works diligently to provide professional athletes and endurance enthusiasts with the most innovative, bio-mechanically constructed, Sportswear compression garments. Through years of research and development, Sports Keeper International, has found a good compromise between Sportswear and comfort.

Sports Keeper International, was designed and tested in France and is quickly becoming recognized as innovative Sportswear compression garments in Europe. Now is also recognized by Sports Keeper International brand in the U.S.A market.

Sports Keeper International is right at the cutting edge of fitness fashion, meaning you can work your body, while working your style. our collection has been specially curated to glam up your active style. Our high performance designs and fabrics help you get the most from your workout, but it’s too good to save for the gym alone.

Our Mission.

We set out to bring the latest innovative trends, as well as substance, to a new generation of fitness fashion. Sports Keeper International is where performance active-wear meets couture, with our exclusive combination of durable and hard-working gym-ready designs, stunning attention to detail, and our coveted signature style. So you can look good and feel confident always, both in and out of the gym.

Our Products.

Our apparel is designed in-house and made exclusively in the Pakistan, each piece is uniquely engineered for high performance, with technical cuts. We specialized in high quality Customized Sportswear Cricket Uniform, Basketball Uniform, Volleyball Uniform, Hockey Uniform, Rugby Uniform, Soccer Uniform, Hoodies, Jerseys, T-Shirt, Polo T-shirts, Trousers, Shorts, Track Suit, Soft Shell jackets & Other Sports Wears. All the Wears as per your designs, Style, Printing & Color Combination.

  • Size: Kids to 3XL
  • Printing: Logo, Team Name, Sponsor and Individual Player  Name, Number can be Rubberized printed, 100% Embroidery.
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