our services


The product development takes place together with our customers. The perfect materials and qualities are selected to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In addition, all framework conditions that our customer desires are coordinated. Based on this, we give our best price.

Purchasing and Production

SPORTS KEEPER has a longstanding and reliable network of production partners in the Far East and Europe. We have the right production facility for every need and delivery time.

Packing / picking

Our customers give us their packaging requirements. We implement standard packaging such as single polybags or gift packaging.


We mostly receive the templates from our customers. However, if there is a need here or in the design development of the product, we have a network of graphic artists and designers that we can fall back on.

quality control

There is close communication with our suppliers during the implementation of the orders and regular controls take place.


Together with our logistics partners, we offer you the full range of transport solutions. Sea freight, air freight, truck shipping or rail transport. Everything according to your individual needs.

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